Newcastle Transfers: Sissoko agent is angry at price tag


You mad bro? Those are the words coming out of Rafa’s mouth right now, as Newcastle United slapped a £35m price tag on Moussa Sissoko following his Euro 2016 final performance.

Moussa Sissoko’s agent has spoken out in an angry tone following Newcastle United’s asking price of £35m. The agent spoke out against the fee (I’m using Daily Mail’s version because English is better than having to learn Italian) saying, “It has never been a question that there was a more elevated clause. The club has always said that they would let Moussa leave for between €18m (£15.25m) to €25m (£21m) maximum.”

We just have to take the agent’s word for it because what he has stated is something we have not heard before. And while agents typically are around to fuel club interest, I’ve never seen an agent speak out in anger against the requested transfer fee for their player.

Sissoko had a stellar international performance with France and started in the final against Portugal. Throughout the entire match, he was labelled as France’s best player on the pitch. You may have seen us tweet out.

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Sissoko’s performance was unbelievable. Because as Newcastle United fans we have seen Sissoko give mediocre performances throughout his past few years at Tyneside. He has never been a consistent player, labelled as one who only tries when it is convenient for him.

His request to be transferred was due to fear that playing for a club in the Championship would hurt his international chances. That was a concern for Andros Townsend who didn’t end up making the cut, but was told that his league would not affect his opportunities.

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If anyone won’t be affected by Championship football, it is Sissoko after giving the performance of a lifetime. His performances have caught the eye of Arsenal, Manchester United, and Liverpool. Rumor has it that if Manchester United fails to sign Paul Pogba, they will attempt to sign Sissoko in his place. That’s high praise.

But that price tag is what will turn a lot of clubs away packing their bags and telling Benitez to have a nice day. It has been obvious throughout this transfer window that Benitez won’t Sissoko go easily, and they should by no means let him go.

While frustrated with his attitude as a player, Sissoko like many others on Newcastle United’s squad played very well as Benitez took control. Is there any reason to believe that Benitez can’t get anything else out of Moussa?

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If anything, Sissoko’s agent is frustrated that he won’t be getting his hands on a nice payday any time soon. Sissoko is frustrated that Benitez can do what he wants for the next three years. But in the end, it’s what is best for Newcastle United. A quality midfielder or a nice large paycheck. Either way, Newcastle wins.

Get over it Sissoko, you should be honored that we value that highly. My valuation was much much lower. I value my Squirtle in Pokemon Go higher.