Newcastle: Jon Dahl Tomasson remembers time in Champions League run

Newcastle, Jon Dahl Tomasson, Champions League (Photo by RONNY HARTMANN/AFP via Getty Images)
Newcastle, Jon Dahl Tomasson, Champions League (Photo by RONNY HARTMANN/AFP via Getty Images) /

Newcastle made it to the Champions League in 1997, Jon Dahl Tomasson remembers

It’s been forever since Newcastle made it to the Champions League. In well over two decades, it’s all but a distant memory to fans that remembered the excitement and hype of watching them take on some of the best teams available at the time. All one can do is remember fondly, especially watching some of the best players to ever put on a Newcastle kit.

Jon Dahl Tomasson undoubtedly comes to mind when it came to that Champions League run so many years ago. Of course, the rest is history as it was his first and only season with Newcastle but even today, so many years later, he still has fond memories of that awesome run by the team he debuted on at the age of just 20-years-old.

In an article written by Ciaran Kelly of Chronicle Live, Dahl Tomasson had this to say about the only season he spent with Newcastle going straight to the Champions League:

Jon Dahl Tomasson has great things to say about his Champions League run with Newcastle

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"“I enjoyed my time. Sometimes, we have a difficult season but I learnt a lot and, for me, it was a very important time in my career for getting used to a lot of things and coping with things and playing in a great league like the Premier League.”"

It’s a shame that Dahl Tomasson didn’t stick around with Newcastle after his rookie season as one can only imagine what could have been had he spent more years with the football club.

It would be unrealistic to believe that he would have spent his entire career with Newcastle but in the grand scheme of things, he did his part to contribute and above all else, learn.

It was a small preview of great things to come as Dahl Tomasson went on to have a prolific football career that saw him win numerous accolades and achievements. Besides winning the 2002 UEFA Cup with Feyenoord, he did get to taste what it would be like to finally be a champion in the Champions League. He did this with Milan back in 2003 but it was that small experience with Newcastle that showed him just what it took to reach such amazing heights.

Now that Dahl Tomasson is enjoying life as the manager of Malmö FF, he has all the knowledge of what it takes to hopefully build a contender ready to go the distance. It’s not easy to earn championships and remain consistent in the hunt for Champions League glory but it sure is nice to hear how much he enjoyed his time with Newcastle.