Newcastle vs Nottingham Forest: The best AND worst player from embarrassing loss

Not that any Newcastle fans need reminding of the Newcastle vs Nottingham Forest result, so let's take a look at the best AND worst player from the loss...


Newcastle vs Nottingham Forest ended 1-3 in favour of the away side. After the embarrassing display, there is plenty to dissect. This post will highlight the best AND worst player under Eddie Howe throughout the match.

Newcastle vs Nottingham Forest: The best AND worst player from embarrassing loss

BEST PLAYER: Lewis Miley

Lewis Miley put in another excellent display against Nottingham Forest at home and truthfully, he's one of the only Newcastle players who can walk in with his head held high.

Miley had a few different positive attacking involvements. The youngster took on a few shots and he was unlucky not to score a curler at one point.

We all know about the young lad's excellent technical ability, but I think that his work rate and physical side goes overlooked. There were a few moments when the two attributes combined by Miley winning back possession and driving the team forward with his powerful dribbling ability. He had a great game and he was unlucky to be on the losing team.


Usually, I would find it unfair to pin the blame of a loss on one player but I have an easier time doing this today. I would like to start by saying, though, that I'm a massive fan of Dan Burn and think he's an excellent addition to the starting lineup now that he's fit again.

But today, he was woeful. He was at fault for Chris Wood's opening two goals as he was both outpaced by Elanga (obviously) and turned by the former Newcastle striker himself. He was rightfully subbed off, and picked up a measly 4/10 in our Newcastle player ratings vs Nottingham Forest.

What did you make of the 1-3 loss between Newcastle vs Nottingham Forest at St James Park in the Premier League?