Newcastle United news: PIF owners are "unhappy" with struggling Eddie Howe

In today's Newcastle United news - The PIF owners at St James Park are reportedly "unhappy" with struggling boss Eddie Howe...
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Ideally, we would like most of the Newcastle United news to circulate around transfers since January is only a few days away and the transfer window is due to open. However, unfortunately for fans, a lot of it has centred around injuries and the undetermined future of our great manager Eddie Howe.

There is a growing subculture at St James Park which is onboard with the idea of sacking Eddie Howe. If you were to ask me personally, I would avoid those people at all costs. Howe has done a remarkable job and he will only continue to bolster the growth of the club if he is given the time and resources to do so.

However, it's looking increasingly likely that the owners of the club are on board with the notion of firing Eddie Howe. There has been a few different articles floating about recently which claim that the Public Investment Fund (PIF), are unhappy with Eddie Howe and considering other options.

There is an obvious name, Jose Mourinho, who many use as the figure to lead this great club to trophies. It would be incredibly disrespectful for anyone to claim he wouldn't do that, as the special one who has exceptional experience in England. However, there's no reason why Eddie Howe can't do the same.

Newcastle United news: PIF owners are "unhappy" with struggling Eddie Howe

According to a report by Football365, the idea of sacking Howe is being flirted with at St James Park, as the PIF owners are "unhappy" with the current form. This creates an "uncomfortable" atmosphere for Howe to operate in.

Where I stand is whatever happens, happens. This club has been through so much, that I feel like we could accelerate to new heights under any manager. It would be a shame to see Howe go, but I am open to the opportunity of a new man coming in, if this happens.

What do you make of the Newcastle United news surrounding Eddie Howe's future?