Newcastle news: “I’m passionate" Anthony Gordon on an incident with Eddie Howe he regrets

In today's Newcastle news - Anthony Gordon sheds light on an incident with Eddie he regrets early in his career at Tyneside and says, "I'm passionate".
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Anthony Gordon had a tough start to his career at Tyneside. However, he has turned things around this season becoming a pivotal part of Eddie Howe's team. When he came to Newcastle, there was a huge hype around him as he was the second-most expensive signing in the club's history. Newcastle signed Gordon from Everton for £45m. So, the fans of the Magpies were expecting special things from this special 23-year-old. He is now one of the favourite players of Eddie Howe as well in the team. But, he shared an incident at the beginning of his career at Newcastle with Eddie Howe that he regrets right now. Yes, this Newcastle news might be a shocker for the fans of the Magpies.

Newcastle news: “I’m passionate" Anthony Gordon on an incident with Eddie Howe

This Newcastle news is based on an interview with Anthony Gordon. While speaking to Craig Hope from the Daily Mail, the Newcastle superstar said that he didn't speak to Eddie Howe after he was subbed by the manager against Brentford last year when the Magpies were losing by 2-1. In that game, Gordon came on as a substitute and later on was subbed off which made the English player angry and he didn't talk to Eddie Howe. Here is what he said during that interview;

"Straight away! I won’t shy away from this, because I feel it’s been a vital part of my journey. My relationship with the manager could not be better now. If you take things like that away, maybe it wouldn’t be the same.

We had two days off after and I just remember the anxiety. Nothing could get rid of it. I couldn’t really go about my day. I was horrendous company for my family. It was that sick feeling in my stomach.

I’m passionate, but that was way overstepping the mark."

Anthony Gordon

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