Newcastle fight Man City to sign £60m Portuguese winger from Premier League

In today's Newcastle transfer news - Newcastle wants to sign Pedro Neto, but Wolves demand a record £60 million. Manchester City also wants to sign Neto.
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Newcastle United is interested in signing Pedro Neto this summer. Also, Manchester City is showing interest in the Portuguese winger. However, Wolves have set a high asking price of £60 million. This would make Neto the club’s most expensive player sale ever. Wolves are prepared for bids from top football clubs for their exciting winger.

Pedro Neto is a talented 24-year-old Portuguese player who has impressed many with his skills and performances in the Premier League. Despite his talent, Neto has had a tough time with injuries. Last season, he missed 27 games due to two separate hamstring injuries. The season before that, he missed an incredible 52 games. Even with these injuries, Wolves believe Neto is still very valuable.

Newcastle transfer news: Pedro Neto to Newcastle

Wolves are not in a rush to sell Neto because he has three years left on his contract. This means they can wait for the best possible offer. According to the Telegraph, Wolves are hoping to get a high transfer fee for Neto, similar to their previous player sales. Last summer, Wolves sold players for around £140 million to avoid breaking the Premier League’s Profit & Sustainability Rules.

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Newcastle United and Manchester City are both keen to strengthen their teams. Man City, known for their strong attack, see Neto as a valuable addition. Newcastle, however, are worried about Neto’s injury history but know he has great potential when fit.

Pedro Neto’s stats show his abilities. When he is not injured, he is one of the best wingers in the Premier League. Last season, he scored three goals and made 11 assists in 24 games across all competitions. Despite his injury record, Wolves believe that Neto’s talent and potential make him

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