Newcastle fans need to get behind Kieran Trippier, not turn against him

We won't sit here and lie about Kieran Trippier's form since he's not been at his best, but Newcastle fans must get behind Kieran Trippier during this time...
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Kieran Trippier has been an exceptional player for Newcastle since he arrived and in many ways, he's been at the forefront of the new generation we've seen crop up in the North of England. Signing the full-back was a real statement of intent by the board, signifying that would soon have ambitions about becoming a superclub - A process we are currently in.

He is known by many as being one of, if not THE best full-back in England. There are many reasons why he's a regular in Gareth Southgate's England setup and his relentless insistence to stick by mediocre players is not one of them. If anything, England fans should count themselves lucky they have a player as world-class and versatile as Trippier, still playing at the best of his abilities.

Newcastle fans need to get behind Kieran Trippier, not turn against him

While there haven't been many, I have seen SOME Newcastle fans turn their backs on Kieran Trippier in recent weeks. He is suffering a dip in form but this is natural and happens to even the best of players. Just because he is suffering from bad form now, there's nothing stopping him from having the game of his life against Luton and ending the year on a high, which would cap off an exceptional year for Trippier.

Newcastle fans are the best in the world and there's a reason why players instantly feel at home when they step out onto the St James Park pitch for the first time. Newcastle fans are a family, always have been and always will be.

While we shouldn't give any time of day to the tiny minority of fans who have worngfully turned their backs on Kieran Trippier, it's important we spread a great message of support for one of our best players.

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We're all with you, Trips.