Sean Longstaff injury history and updates

Newcastle United's English midfielder Sean Longstaff (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)
Newcastle United's English midfielder Sean Longstaff (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images) /

How often does Newcastle United midfielder Sean Longstaff get injured? Let’s take a look through this adapted article – Sean Longstaff injury history and updates.

Sean Longstaff injury history and updates

Sean Longstaff ligament problems, April 2023

Towards the end of what was a terrific season for Newcastle, midfielder Sean Longstaff was having problems with his ligament. It was a game against Everton where Longstaff was subbed off towards the end of the match. Thankfully for the midfielder, it was a game which the Magpies won.

Ultimately, he would return to action just shy of a month after, to be available for the final two matches of Newcastle’s season, which were both drawn matches.

Sean Longstaff hamstring injury, July 2020

Sean Longstaff went from hero to zero in a game between Bournemouth vs Newcastle United. He scored the Magpies’ second goal of the match before being subbed three minutes later through a hamstring injury.

It was a bizarre season since it held the break for the lockdown. So the season finished late, and Longstaff returned in time to be used as a sub in the last match of the 2019-20 season against Liverpool.

Sean Longstaff ankle injury, September 2019

At the beginning of the 2019-20 season, midfielder Sean Longstaff picked up a mid-term ankle injury which left him out of action for just shy of a month. Thankfully, though, this was during the September international break, so he only missed two matches for Newcastle, against Liverpool away and Brighton and home.

His return to action wasn’t pretty though, as he was thumped 5-0 by Leicester at the King Power Stadium.

Sean Longstaff knee injury, March 2019

Sean Longstaff’s first injury for Newcastle wasn’t a pretty one. He was subbed off in the match between Newcastle and West Ham at the London Stadium. It was later revealed that he had suffered from a knee injury, which would ultimately rule out for the rest of the season.