3 reasons why Eddie Howe is better for Newcastle than Steven Gerrard

As supporters of Newcastle United, we can all agree on one thing: Steve Bruce must go. Mike Ashley runs the overall operation, but Bruce is to blame for the team’s wasted season. Looking at the team on paper, Newcastle United should be nowhere near the bottom three, but “we are where we are.”

With ten games left to maintain their Premier League status, Newcastle United need to give it their all for the loyal fans that cannot handle a third relegation over a short period of time. One thing is for certain though, the front office needs to clear house and rebuild this team in the summer.

The first order of business is finding a new manager. Several names will be thrown around in the media, but there are truly only two candidates who would generate a similar excitement that was felt during the years of Rafa Benitez. Those managers, as clearly stated in the title of this article, are Eddie Howe and Steven Gerrard.

Both managers would be major upgrades compared to Bruce, and both men would deploy impressive, attacking football on the pitch. The key question is who the better option would be for Newcastle United?

Eddie Howe is the stronger candidate for Newcastle United. Here’s why…

1. Newcastle United is a step up for Howe

Howe and Gerrard know that Newcastle United are a big club, however, the club is valued more by Howe. For Gerrard, managing in the Premier League would be a move up in his career, but going from winning the Scottish league title and enjoying deep runs in Europe with Rangers to fighting for a top ten finish with Newcastle United is a step down.

Howe, on the other hand, has only managed Bournemouth and Burnley. Compared to those clubs, respectively, Newcastle United is a grand prize. In my opinion, Howe would appreciate the task of waking England’s sleeping giant more than Gerrard would.

2. Long-term success vs. short-term success

Both managers have the football acumen and experience, either as a manager or former player, to reach new heights with this football club, but there is a difference in the type of success they would aim to achieve. As we have seen during his 458 games in charge of Bournemouth, Howe enjoys stability and aims to build a squad that can be competitive for years.

I am not saying that Gerrard does not share the same ambitions, but time and time again he has publicly mentioned his endless love and admiration for Liverpool. Gerrard would implement a style of play that is easy on the eyes, but his commitment to Newcastle United would be questionable. Most folks, myself included, would just be counting down the days for him to leave for Anfield once he receives the call.

3. Managerial experience

The disparity in managerial experience is quite noticeable between Howe and Gerrard. Despite both managers being in their early-40s, Howe has been calling the shots on the sideline since 2008 compared to 2018 for Gerrard. More importantly, Howe has five years of Premier League experience as a manager under his belt, so he is no rookie in the top tier of English football.

Gerrard has enjoyed success north of the border, but he also achieved success with a Scottish giant that is expected to be in the title hunt every season. Gerrard would be a slight gamble for the front office at St. James’ Park as a result of his inexperience. His success in Europe with Rangers would give him positive marks, but the Magpies need a manager who is seen as a Premier League veteran in order to turn things around.