Newcastle United: Home to England’s most “delusional” fans

Newcastle United fans in London. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
Newcastle United fans in London. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images) /

So-called pundits in the media constantly label Newcastle United supporters as delusional.

Newcastle United is one of the first clubs outside the traditional top six that football fans from around the world name when they think of the Premier League.

It is a massive club with a unique identity, especially in recent years as it is the only club from the North East competing in the top flight, yet is one of the most misunderstood clubs in all of England.

It is actually fair to say that Newcastle United is one of the most under-researched clubs in the media. What do I mean by that? Well, just take a few minutes to listen to some of the clueless analysts on television when they talk about the Magpies.

Like many of you, I am convinced that their “analyses” do not stem from closely watching how the team played, but rather looking at results and a few highlights. That is the only logical explanation I can come up with for the several pundits who constantly back Steve Bruce as a “great manager”.

In the process of showing their support for Bruce, the pundits across various sports media outlets bash the Toon Army. They claim that Newcastle United supporters are unrealistic, impatient, and far too demanding.

Do they have functioning brains? They just expect the fans to settle for and celebrate Premier League survival? I hate to break it to folks like Robbie Savage and company, but the lack of ambition in the front office is not reflective of the standards set by the fans.

In the last four seasons, I have not seen or heard one “delusional” statement from the Toon Army. No one on Tyneside is calling for or expecting Newcastle United to challenge for the title.

No one on Tyneside is crossing their fingers for a top six finish. What fans are asking for is more consistency on the pitch, and more attacking football with the talent currently in the squad in order to break into the top ten.

How on earth is that too demanding? Yes, fans do apply a lot of pressure on Steve Bruce because his experimental tactics, playing key players out of position, and the fact that he does not know his best lineup all contribute to the inconsistency crisis.

Do these so-called experts know that Newcastle United have not won more than two consecutive Premier League games since Bruce took charge in July, 2019? Do these so-called experts know that our goal differential was -20 last season?

Do these so-called experts know that two teams have already scored at least three goals against us in the opening eight games, and that our last four opponents created a combined total of 74 chances against us?

The list goes on and on, but one more fact I’d like to share with so-called experts is that Bruce has only won seven of the team’s last 28 Premier League games.

It would also be nice if they could stop making the case for Bruce by arguing that he is guiding the team on deep cup runs. Have they seen the Magpies’ opponents in recent cup competitions?

They have all been lower league sides, and even with those favorable draws Newcastle United were forced to play some teams in a second leg, or go to a penalty shootout.

Newcastle United fans have plenty of reasons to complain, and they have a right to voice their concerns as they only want what is best for the club that represents their city and the North East.

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Breaking the association with the bottom half of the table is the fans’ primary objective. Advocating for a new, progressive manager is the key to doing that. The Toon Army never wanted Steve Bruce to fail, but after 56 games in charge he hasn’t done anything to take the team forward.

His tactics are only holding the team back, and those poorly planned tactics only make it more frustrating for fans to watch Newcastle United when they see how many other clubs have made the transition to attacking football.

Final Word

Newcastle United should not be vilified in the media for wanting to see their club progress. The exaggerated assumptions that are made by pundits, and their failure to properly analyze the Magpies’ current situation is embarrassing.

This narrative has surrounded Newcastle United for the last decade, so it is nothing new, but it is becoming more ridiculous with each passing day.

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The Toon Army are some of the most realistic fans in the Premier League, and if the pundits actually try fulfilling their analytical duties they would drop this “delusional” propaganda and realize the key issues at the club.