NUFC Takeover: A message to other Premier League fans

Newcastle United fans in London. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
Newcastle United fans in London. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images) /

Other fans across England think Newcastle United supporters are delusional, but we are just a passionate bunch eager to see competitive football at St. James’ Park.

Being a Newcastle United supporter is a unique experience, especially since Mike Ashley became the owner nearly 13 years ago. The club has enjoyed some success since 2007, and many talented players agreed to bring their talent to the North East between then and now, but that is all the misleading tip of the iceberg.

Newcastle United developed a positive reputation in English football and competed in Europe before Ashley turned the club into a sleeping giant that fell into a coma. His neglectful ownership and lack of investment has destroyed the club as the Magpies fell to the Championship twice.

Fortunately, Newcastle United managed to earn immediate promotion to the Premier League in both instances thanks to the leadership of Chris Hughton and Rafa Benitez, but the club’s reputation today is centered on relegation battles. The lack of ambition to reach new heights is what shaped the Toon Army’s current frustration and pessimism.

Based on comments I have read on social media and various blog posts over the last few seasons, some fans from other clubs are convinced that the Toon Army believes Newcastle United deserves success more than any other team in the Premier League. That, my friends, is false.

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Newcastle United supporters only ask for two things: consistency and ambition. Since the 2007-08 Premier League campaign, Newcastle United have achieved three top ten finishes, four bottom six finishes and two relegations.

That inconsistency highlights the rollercoaster fans have been on with Ashley in charge, and it shows that the front office has never had a clear plan in place to carry over from one season to the next.

As passionate as we are, fans of this great club are not demanding Premier League titles and deep runs in the UEFA Champions League with the potential arrival of new owners.  Instead, we want to see this team transform into a side that plays with confidence, breaks out of its ultra-defensive shell, turns St. James’ Park into a true fortress and regularly knocks on the door of the top six.

That being said, Newcastle United does not deserve more success than any other club in the Premier League, but the Magpies deserve a chance to pursue success in the top flight. The fans deserve a club that is ambitious and not content with simply competing in the Premier League every season.

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The opportunity to develop consistency and promote competitive football is all we ask for. I know all the hilarious tweets about signing Kylian Mbappe contradict everything I said in this article, but I assure all of the site’s neutral readers that the Toon Army is a grounded and realistic group of fans.