Newcastle United’s Top Five January Signings

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January is an amazing month. Not only is it my birth month (where’s my gift Carson?) but it is also the month where amazing things can happen in the transfer window. It’s the window where Newcastle has bought some serious flops. But it’s also the month where some strong additions to the squad have been added.

Some serious profit has been made off of January players as well. Despite not making this list, Moussa Sissoko I consider a financial success. He was purchases in the 2012-2013 January window for £2.1m and then was sold for a strong £35m this past summer. Not a bad profit.

Also not on this list, but a good player currently is Yoan Gouffran. Signed in the same window as Moussa Sissoko.

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What makes January so great is that it is in the middle of the season. It gives teams the opportunity to turn things around and to change their season. Some signings I added were made in early February when back in the 90s the transfer window lasted a bit longer. They are still considered winter transfer window signings. I avoided all players signed in March because it was way too far out.

I hope you enjoy this list and if you disagree, please feel free to throw insults at me in the comments section. I appreciate them. The list is in no particular order.