Is Tim Krul needed by Newcastle United anymore?


With the signing of Matz Sels, and the performances of Rob Elliot and Karl Darlow, is Tim Krul on the way out as soon as he proves his fitness?

The story is clear, the future is not. Tim Krul tore his cruciate ligament during an international match for Holland that left him out of action for the rest of Newcastle United’s season. Rob Elliot, who performed admirably when taking over the role, suffered the same fate.

Tim Krul is widely regarded as an injury prone player — don’t knock me, I’m going off of discussions I’ve had with experts, fellow fans, and past history — and while he has spent his entire career at Newcastle United, coming up from their academy in 2006, perhaps it is time for a change between the posts.

Like Fabricio Coloccini, Krul has been with the club throughout their few successes but has also been with them throughout their many failures. Two relegations, early FA Cup exits, and more than one battle to avoid relegation in the first place. Could it be that despite all of Krul’s efforts, he may need a change just as much as Newcastle?

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Tim Krul doesn’t need Newcastle United, he is a solid keeper and if he makes the move to Everton, he is likely to be their top keeper. He is a Premier League level keeper, and he deserves that. Newcastle United needs fresh faces and talent to help them through a period when the old blood failed them.

Tim Krul is old blood. Rob Elliot is old blood as well, but Tim Krul would bring in more funds, and Elliot is a fantastic backup. Tim Krul doesn’t fit in the backup role, he’s a starting keeper, and in a time when Newcastle needs to reinvent themselves, the goalkeeping position is going to be a part of that.

Of all the magpies in recent years, Tim Krul is one of my favorites. But the need for Tim Krul has dwindled with the recent acquisition of Matz Sels, and the performances of Darlow and Elliot giving fans something to really cheer about.

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If not this transfer window, we can expect Tim Krul to be sold in January. Five keepers is a bit much, and Benitez knows that.