Best Free Transfers Available For Newcastle United


The silly season that is the summer transfer window is fully upon us, with every player linked to seemingly every club.  Despite what Newcastle United owner, Mike Ashley says about spending the money required to compete in the Premier League, he will certainly continue to be attracted to the bargain bin that is the free transfer market.  This is the place where clubs can find useful players, usually well advanced in age, or those that were on clubs that can no longer afford them because they were relegated.  There are numerous Premier League players that will be looking for a new club this summer according to the ChronicleLive.

Newcastle should bring in many of the players listed in the above Chronicle article.  Obviously, some of these players are dream signings, especially the first two that are listed below, as bigger clubs will snatch them up at salaries owner Mike Ashley has been reluctant to pay in the past.  Here are the top five Premier League freebies that Newcastle should sign for the year ahead:

1. Danny Ings.

Ings is, of course, available for free because his old club, Burnley was relegated from the top flight, and they can no longer afford to keep him.  Ings was the forward focal point to nearly every productive move Burnley was able to create. He has a powerful shot and can create some off the dribble.  If Newcastle are able to bring Ings in, he would add a much-needed goal scoring threat right way.  Unfortunately, he is being targeted by larger clubs that can offer him more money.  Ings is a hot commodity right now in English football so that means he is unlikely to sign with Newcastle.

2.  Ron Vlaar.

This Aston Villa and Netherlands man, who is an F.A. cup runner-up, is another hot commodity, much like Ings.  He will be looking to make a move to a club that will play in champions league.  Manchester United is always going to be the favorite here, as they can offer a massive contract and have the Netherlands connection with their manager, Louis van Gaal.

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3. Joey Barton.  

Barton is an option that is interesting for a number of reasons.  This past season, he was a player who consistently gave a top effort in the midfield even though his relegated QPR squad was often outgunned by superior teams.  His style of play is never flashy, but rather industrial.  If brought in, he would slide into the midfield nicely as he bring the grit necessary to win those tough matches at the end of the season   The other reason Newcastle should bring Barton into the squad, is that he is incredibly entertaining.  Sure, his antics can be disruptive from time to time, but he would be very interesting and would add a whole new dimension to the narrative of a Newcastle season.  As of yet, there is little reporting as to who is looking at signing Barton, so the competition should be relatively light for his signature.

4.  Abou Diaby.

Latest reports out of the Telegraph regarding Arsenal midfield, Abou Diaby have him unsure if he will remain with the club.  The midfielder has only played in a handful of matches the past few years because of injury. If released, he is the player Newcastle should be targeting.  When healthy, Diaby is a fantastic box-to-box midfielder that brings a high work rate and skills on the ball.  If healthy, he can be a world-class player, as evidenced by his time on the French national team.  The fact that he is French means he fits the profile of the recent transfers Newcastle seem to be targeting.  The fact that Diaby is often injured should not deter Newcastle from signing a player with world-class potential.

5.  Bobby Zamora.

Zamora is getting along in age, but he is the exact kind of player Newcastle needs to sign.  Though he is another victim of QPR’s house cleaning, the price tag should be low for this veteran.  He is a striker that would be a fantastic substitute off the bench to try to nab a late goal, or as a spot starter.  He is a physically strong striker that still has the ability to score top-level goals.  His on the field play, however, is secondary to the stabilizing force that Zamora could be for the club.  As a veteran, he would bring a workman-like attitude and be a leader of the club.  Based on what should be a lower price tag, Zamora will probably be available to a club like Newcastle to sign.

If these players are signed, they would add immense value to the Newcastle squad set up.  Of course, without a manager signed on yet, there is no way to know if these players will fit in with whatever style the new man in charge prefers.  With Newcastle unwilling to spend money on transfers, don’t be surprised to see the club rely heavily on the free transfer market to add to the squad.