Newcastle vs Nottingham Forest: Howe may replace Sean Longstaff in Newcastle lineup

Ahead of the boxing day fixture between Newcastle vs Nottingham Forest, Eddie Howe has been encouraged to drop Sean Longstaff in the Newcastle lineup...

Chelsea v Newcastle United - Carabao Cup Quarter Final
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Newcastle fans are treated to action as Eddie Howe hosts the Premier League match between Newcastle vs Nottingham Forest. With this in mind, the English boss has been encouraged by some analysts to replace Sean Longstaff in the Newcastle lineup with this surprise star...

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Newcastle vs Nottingham Forest: Lewis Hall may replace Sean Longstaff in Newcastle lineup

That's right, Football FanCast analysts have encouraged Eddie Howe to drop Sean Longstaff in the Newcastle lineup. In his place? Lewis Hall.

I know, at first, I had the same reaction as you did. I thought to myself "If Hall can't even get a place in the defence, what's the point in bringing him into the midfield?" but writer Adam Scully has a very convincing point of view.

Since Hall was first introduced by Chelsea in 2020/21, he has played in a multitude of different positions, including the midfield. While the midfield doesn't seem to be his preferred or strongest position, he does have some impressive stats while playing in this position.

As pointed out in the report, Hall played 18 appearances as a number 8 in the Chelsea side, registering six assists and scoring seven goals. That's close to one goal return per game, which is quite impressive when you consider what Sean Longstaff lacks.

I understand that Longstaff is a fan favourite and I am a big fan of the Englishman for his ability to play breaking passes in the opposition's half. He is key to a lot of attacking buildup and his range of passing makes different avenues possible for Eddie Howe.

However, there's no denying that he's not in the best form recently. Since returning from injury, Longstaff seems to be lacking the cutting edge required to meet our objectives this season. Perhaps a short spell out of the Newcastle lineup and some healthy competition could do Longstaff the world of good.

What's your Newcastle vs Nottingham Forest score prediction?