Newcastle transfer news: Eddie Howe says FFP is stopping Newcastle transfer business

Eddie Howe has confirmed that FFP rules are limiting the business that Newcastle United want to complete, but is adamant they are 'managing the problem'.
Luton Town v Newcastle United - Premier League
Luton Town v Newcastle United - Premier League / Alex Pantling/GettyImages

It's been a tough season for Newcastle United already, with injuries hitting key players, being knocked out of the Champions League and Carabao Cup, and slipping to a lowly 9th in the Premier League, Eddie Howe - as well as fans - were relishing the January transfer window as a way to bring in reinforcements, and turn the season around.

However, the dreaded FFP rules has reared it's ugly head, and in Eddie Howe's words, stopping us from doing business. The rules state that no club can lose more than £35m a year, and with the club releasing it's financial reports for the 12 months ending 30 June 2023, that figure currently stands at £73.4m. The saving grace being that FFP works on the average across three years.

However, that has had an impact on the pitch. Without being able to spend large amounts in January in order to save money, Eddie Howe has stated that his transfer plans have been affected.

"In an ideal world, given the freedom to act we would have brought players in already. But we’re not in that situation – as Darren [Eales, Newcastle CEO] alluded to on Thursday, Financial Fair Play is a problem for us, and we’re having to navigate round that. "

Eddie Howe

This leaves the club in a precarious position as they gear up to face Manchester City with a total nine long-term injuries to first team players, and Sandro Tonali remaining suspended. The latest being the Joelinton blow that will keep him out for the next six weeks.

Eddie Howe has suggested that the transfer window would have supported the team through this run of injuries, but for FFP.

"When does [replacing injured players] become a problem? It’s already one, but we’re trying to manage through it."

Eddie Howe

In a rare show of emotion, Howe went on to explain his frustration at the rules, and reiterated that the ambition of the owners can't be matched by the regulations of FFP.

"It’s a frustration for everyone connected with us. Certainly the owners are very ambitious, and they would like to help and improve the squad in any way they can. The rules and conditions we’re working under don’t allow that. "

Eddie Howe

Howe saying this in his pre-match press conference ahead of Saturday's match up with Man City, shows the irony of the situation. Man City are currently facing 115 separate charges over the course of 14 seasons starting in 2009. Among these are allegations of falsified financial reporting and non-compliance with the Premier League's probe.

It will be lost on nobody that Everton broke a rule, have been charged, sentanced, and punished all well within the time Man City were initially questioned.

The saving grace in all this is that Newcastle can be assured that by sticking within the limits set, our future success will not be tarnished as some others might be.

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