Kieran Trippier: What has gone wrong with the form of the Newcastle fan favourite

Newcastle defender Kieran Trippier has endured a terrible few weeks with performances and mistakes costing the team, but, when was the downturn in form put down to?

Chelsea v Newcastle United - Carabao Cup Quarter Final
Chelsea v Newcastle United - Carabao Cup Quarter Final / Marc Atkins/GettyImages

Not many Newcastle fans would begrudge Kieran Trippier the nickname of “Mr Reliable” ever since his move in January 2022.  

A star in the back four and attacking threat down the right, the England international has been one of the key signings to start Newcastle’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) revolution. His performances for Eddie Howe and fantasy managers were a highlight last year and a catalyst in hearing the Champions League music around St James’ Park this year.

However, the last few weeks for Trippier have been tricky to say the least, with Geordie fans agreeing with that assessment.

Two mistakes for the Everton goals in the Goodison Park defeat, a fault in the lead-up to the AC Milan goal and some poor performances were only made worse by the performance last night.  

His poorly judged header allowed Mykhailo Mudryk to equalise in the last minute of the Carabao Cup quarter final to give Chelsea hope. For a team, this was a devastating blow only to gift Chelsea a chance of advancing into the last four.

You can certainly lay blame for the cup exit on his shoulders as Newcastle looked like they would hold on against a Chelsea team short of firepower to buy a goal and lacking conviction.

The thought pattern of Trippier is unclear as to whether he was heading back to the keeper or trying to get underneath the ball to divert it away from goal. The outcome failed to match the intention and Mudryk was left with an easy finish.

The disappointment for the right-back got worse as his poorly struck penalty missed the target, to which, Chelsea capitalised on and scored all their penalties to advance to the next round.

While you could say Newcastle need a well-earned break with the squad stretched thin this season, the inconsistency of the “Trip’s” performance has been highlighted and put down to one key moment this season.

A confrontation with supporters on the south coast following the Bournemouth defeat has many fans pinpointing the turn in form and the knock to his confidence. Responding to the angry fan, Trippier shouted: "Are the lads not giving everything? How many injuries have we got, how many injuries have we got? Hey?"

Fans on socials were quick to turn to that moment after the game at the Vitality Stadium, getting behind the player and turning the blame on the confronting fan, who has since made an apology.

Rightly or wrongly, now is the time to get behind our right-back in hope the Toon Army can be singing his name when he puts in a defensive masterclass or curls a free-kick into the top corner next time around.