Joelinton injury history and updates

Joelinton of Newcastle United (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images for Premier League)
Joelinton of Newcastle United (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images for Premier League) /

How often does Newcastle United midfielder Joelinton get injured? We take a look throughout this article – Joelinton injury history and updates.

Unfortunately for Newcastle fans, the answer is quite a lot. Since he arrived at St James’ Park in 2019, he’s had an unfortunate spell on the treatment table. However, the good news is that his injury history suggests he’s rarely injured for long.

The longest spell that Joelinton was injured for Newcastle is 24 days, at the end of the 2021/22 season. Luckily, I can emphasise “the end of the season” since this mid-term injury only left Joelinton out for one Newcastle match.

Here’s a list of Joelinton’s most notable injuries through time, including some updates on the midfielder’s most recent injury.

Joelinton injury history

Joelinton hamstring injury, December 2023

Soon after coming back from his hamstring injury and hitting a good run of form, Joelinton has picked up an identical injury. He was subbed off in the first half against Fulham in the Premier with what appears to be another hamstring injury...

Joelinton hamstring injury, October 2023

After only a few minutes of coming on against Burnley, Newcastle midfielder Joelinton was subbed off by Eddie Howe. It has recently emerged that he suffered from a hamstring injury, the extent to which remains unknown.

Joelinton knee injury, September 2023

The injury which Joelinton currently faces is an injury to his knee after returning from injury duty. The first game back after the September international break was against Brentford, it was a game in which Newcastle won but Joelinton didn’t feature.

Speaking after the game, Howe addressed concerns and confirmed that Joelinton had suffered a blow to his knee while on duty with Brazil. The English manager believes he will be out of contention for a few weeks, meaning he’s not likely to feature against AC Milan in Newcastle’s first Champions League match.

In the most recent update from Shields Gazette (September 22, 2023), Eddie Howe has provided a positive update, claiming that Joelinton could be back before the West Ham trip before the international break in October.

"“We’re hoping with Joelinton he could be back sooner [than the international break]” – Eddie Howe (via Shields Gazette)"

Further, there was a key update published by Newcastle Toons on September 26, 2023. Joelinton was spotted back in training, which came as a huge boost to Eddie Howe as he prepared for a y fixture schedule.

Joelinton injury (knock), May 2023

Capping off what was an incredible season for Newcastle, Joelinton became injured in the warm-up before the game against Leicester City. Joelinton missed two games during this injury spell, including the mentioned Leicester fixture and the final game of the season, away to Chelsea.

Joelinton laceration injury, May 2022

In the final game of the 2021/22 season, Joelinton was unfortunately stretchered off for the Magpies. Newcastle Toons reported that it appeared to be a laceration issue and after rigorous checks, Howe was informed that he was okay.

It was a small relief that this had happened on the final game of the season, but it’s never nice to see one of your standout players stretchered off the pitch. Regardless, it wasn’t a detrimental injury in the end, despite being his longest to date. Joelinton missed just one game during this spell.

Joelinton injury (knock), March 2022

Joelinton had picked up an unfortunate knock which didn’t look too serious at first. However, the injury ended up being substantial, as he missed two consecutive games. It was a risk for Eddie Howe to play Joelinton against Everton, but he decided to take the risk.

Fortunately, Joelinton played the entire match against Everton and remained injury-free upon his return. Unfortunately, though, Iwobi scored a last minute goal for Everton, dampening Joelinton’s return.

Joelinton groin injury, January 2022

The first significant injury for Joelinton since he arrived at Newcastle. In a game against Leeds United, Joelinton was subbed off right before half time for a groin injury. Thankfully, his injury went unnoticed because Jonjo Shelvey of all people scored the only goal of the match to win it for Newcastle.

Joelinton missed just this one game as after the break, he returned to play the full game against Everton, with the Magpies winning 3-1.