Newcastle United phone to ring as a result of England failures?

Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)
Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images) /

Newcastle United have a strong connection to England as defender Kieran Trippier and goalkeeper Nick Pope are both on international duty in the UEFA Nations League. The links between Newcastle United and England could continue to grow in the near future.

The Three Lions are facing plenty of criticism for their latest performances, and Gareth Southgate’s role as manager is undoubtedly in danger. The FA said they stand by Southgate a few months ago, but the poor run of form ahead of the World Cup is changing the narrative.

Being embarrassed 4-0 by an inferior opponent in Hungary back in June, not scoring a goal in over 400 minutes of action, and being relegated to League B of the Nations League will certainly have the FA creating a shortlist of replacement managers.

It would be a complete shock if Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe is not on that list. Not only that, it would be even more shocking if he is not among the first names on the FA’s list.

Eddie Howe to England? Possible but not probable.

Outside of Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp, Eddie Howe is one of the hottest managerial names in the Premier League. One could make the case for Graham Potter, but since he just moved to Chelsea his name can be scratched off England’s list.

Personally speaking, do I think the FA are quietly considering Howe for the England job? Yes. Do I think the FA will contact Newcastle United to approach Howe? It would not surprise me. Do I think Howe would accept that role? No. Let me explain why.

3 Reasons Why Howe Would Say “No”

Firstly, Howe believes in “Project Zebra,” a nickname coined by the PIF for their investment in Newcastle United. He was trusted with the objective of waking a sleeping giant in English football and turning it into a contender for European football.

Secondly, Howe is all about solidifying his tactics and developing players on a regular basis. In other words, his managerial style is to work closely with players and head into battle every week. With England, the lengthy gap between matches combined with the inability to frequently train with players is something that would not sit well with Howe.

Finally, Howe plays a key role in the recruitment of players at Newcastle United alongside Steve Nickson (Head of Recruitment). The Magpies’ boss has made it clear that he will only bring in players who fit his system, have the right character that would not disrupt the locker room, and do not see themselves as above the badge on the front of the jersey.

At England, Howe would be leading a squad solely composed of Premier League stars. Some of those players have salaries that equate to the wages of multiple Newcastle United players.

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Howe is a brilliant coach for blue collar players and he would not give that up for players who expect their reputation to secure their name on the team sheet.