Newcastle’s new left-back having high ambition is a positive thing

Jamal Lewis. (Photo by TIM KEETON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
Jamal Lewis. (Photo by TIM KEETON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) /

Jamal Lewis’ preference to play for a big club isn’t a bad thing for him at Newcastle United.

After adding Ryan Fraser and Callum Wilson officially on Monday, Newcastle United announced the arrival of left-back Jamal Lewis today on a five-year deal. There were social media rumblings that he may have actually preferred a move to Liverpool, which Norwich City turned down previously to accept Newcastle’s higher bid. While some may think it’s a negative that he allegedly preferred a different destination, it’s actually a positive for the Magpies.

In sports, and business in general, you always want someone that wants to advance their career or take on bigger challenges. Let’s be candid, Liverpool are the reigning champions of the Premier League and won the Champions League the season before. They are a bigger club than Newcastle United and they are at a different level of competition at this point.

If Lewis wants to earn a move to Liverpool or another global soccer power, he will need to excel with the Magpies. With his high aim, that should serve as motivation for him to be his best self and continue to develop.

Of course, any supporter would want a player to join their club because they love the club and want to stay there forever. But, it’s not often realistic, especially for a club like Newcastle that has massive potential and good history but disappointing results and ambition in recent years.

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The 22-year-old immediately slots into the first-choice position at left-back. The club desperately needed a player there and especially one with the energetic, attacking skillset of Lewis. While he may want to join one of the world’s biggest clubs in the future, he will first need to perform well with Newcastle United to raise his stock.