Takeover impact: Newcastle United the new villain of the Premier League?

The expected takeover of Newcastle United is exciting for the Toon Army, but there are several clubs, groups and entities that now perceive the Magpies as public enemy number one.

It has been over a month and Newcastle United are still waiting for the Premier League to approve the takeover of the club. Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Amanda Staveley and the Reuben brothers have ambitious plans for the transformation of Newcastle United and their objectives would threaten the status quo in the Premier League.

The idea of this takeover has generated optimism and excitement among Newcastle United supporters, but the deal, along with the fans’ excitement over the deal, has placed three targets on the club’s back. That being said, let’s discuss those targets in more detail below.

Top Six

The standard top six in the Premier League are not happy to see investors with bottomless pockets wake the sleeping giant of English football. The takeover of Newcastle United will not guarantee immediate success, but it will push the team in the direction of becoming a title contender in a few seasons.

For teams like Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham, this takeover will occur at the worst possible time. Chelsea have a young, inexperienced squad that will find it difficult to compete with another top team comprised of notable veterans. Arsenal are experiencing an identity crisis and are struggling to convince their key players to stay, and Tottenham’s injuries to star players highlighted their lack of depth to compete with elite teams.

As a result, Liverpool and Manchester City are still miles ahead of the rest of the league, but the aforementioned clubs will feel threatened by the rise of Newcastle United. Seeing some of the players the Magpies have been linked with as of late only adds more fuel to the fire.

Bottom Ten

The next target comes from mid-table and relegation-threatened sides. Newcastle United have competed in far too many relegation battles in recent years, but that is expected to change starting next season. So, why is this a problem for clubs in the bottom ten? Simply put, the revival of Newcastle United as a competitive team presents weaker clubs with a new challenge going forward.

Most bottom-half clubs considered themselves to be around the same level as Newcastle United and expected to take three points in those games. Well, this takeover will enable the Magpies to strengthen their squad in every position and earn the label of favorites in most games. In other words, bottom ten opposition will find it even more difficult to claim the points they need to avoid relegation.

Political Criticism

In the eyes of several pundits, this takeover of Newcastle United is the most controversial takeover in the history of the Premier League. Organizations like Amnesty International, and influential activists like Hatice Cengiz, who is the fiancé of the late Jamal Khashoggi, have voiced their concerns regarding the takeover on the grounds of human rights violations and accusations of murder.

Newcastle United fans are now being portrayed as supporters of evil for being excited about this controversial takeover. Several individuals and groups are urging the Toon Army to stand up and reject the sale of this club, but that will not happen as this is a rare opportunity to break free from the neglectful ownership of Mike Ashley.

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As a result, Newcastle United will have a long-term political target on their back, and any time an issue arises in Saudi Arabia that problem will shine a negative light on Newcastle United as well. The fans do not deserve the criticism that is coming their way, but they will have to get used to it.