Shelvey credits Bruce and maturity for his turnaround at Newcastle United

In an excellent interview with Sky Sports, the mercurial midfielder explains his growth at Newcastle United and an appreciation for manager Steve Bruce.

Today, Sky Sports released an exclusive interview with Newcastle United midfielder Jonjo Shelvey. For a player with no social media, which the article mentions, this was one of the best glimpses into the mind of one of Newcastle’s most intriguing players. He talked about his journey from Charlton to Liverpool to Swansea to NUFC, poor decision-making, and his current situation with the Magpies.

Newcastle United’s leading scorer this season replied to Matt Ritchie’s comments that he is talented to be playing at Barcelona, and contested about the accused amount of golf that he plays.

Jonjo feels he left Liverpool too early to get regular match time and that his career definitely could have gone better, mentioning that he knows time is running out for him to achieve goals like playing in the Champions League. But, he does seem happy where he is at with Newcastle United, downplaying the West Ham rumors from last year.

Shelvey battled injuries and seemed to fall down the pecking order in Rafa Benitez’s midfield last season, but he doesn’t seem to hold any ill will towards his former manager. In regards to his current manager, Jonjo is definitely gracious and a fan of the well-traveled Steve Bruce. “I’ve got a lot to thank Steve for,” Shelvey told Sky Sports. “He has been superb for me. He’s come in and just asked for one thing and that’s hard work.”

In addition to his current manager, Shelvey also acknowledged that his attitude has improved. Known as a hothead for years, with the racial misconduct vs. Wolves, the stomp vs. Spurs, he says now that he has “sort of taken a step back and started to enjoy it all a lot more.”

Things are good for Shelvey right now with the Magpies. He leads the club with five goals this season and has been a first-choice option in the midfield when healthy. Whenever this takeover is completed, Shelvey will certainly be a big part of the new ownership’s plans.