Timing will be key for Newcastle United and Pochettino

When it comes to their decision at manager, Newcastle United will need to figure out when is the right time to make their move.

Newcastle United’s managerial position is a highly talked about topic these days, Should Steve Bruce finish out this season? Do the players want him to stay? Will Rafa Benitez return? Is Mauricio Pochettino on the way? For the club, timing will be key for when or if they make a move at manager.

ESPN recently reported that there is a clause in Pochettino’s agreement with Spurs that would require a club to pay 12.5 million if they hire him within six months of his November departure. That is rumored to expire after or later this month and Newcastle will need to factor that into their pursuit of the Argentine manager.

For the prospective new ownership at Newcastle United, it will come down to timing on the managerial decisions. If there is fear that another club might be willing to pay that fee to get in ahead of the Magpies, Amanda Staveley and Co. need to spend the money if they think Poch is definitely their guy. Or, if matches return sooner than June, they could allow Bruce to finish up the campaign or the month before moving to Pochettino or another manager.

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Maybe, but hopefully not, the ownership takeover will not be completed until June. In that case, Bruce would definitely manage the club until that takes place and Poch can replace him without that 12.5 figure attached to him. No matter what they decide or who they select, timing will need to be right for Newcastle United to make a move at manager.

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