Bruce should be allowed to finish Newcastle’s season if it happens

If the Premier League season continues, Steve Bruce should get the chance to manage Newcastle United down the stretch.

There are two ongoing conversations right now amongst Newcastle United supporters. The main focus is on the pending takeover of the club’s ownership by Amanda Staveley, the Reuben Brothers, and the Saudi PiF. The other situation is the current Premier League season. One interesting way that those two are related would be the club’s managerial position if the season resumes.

With the takeover, the expectation is that Steve Bruce would be relieved from his position with a more widely-regarded manager taking over. His name was mentioned before, but this week it became clear that Mauricio Pochettino is the first-choice option. While I am absolutely in favor of Poch taking over next season, I think that if this season is completed, Steve Bruce should be given the opportunity to manage down the stretch.

One of the main arguments for wanting the new ownership group to have their chosen manager in place is that they would want them in charge of a summer spending spree. That is definitely valid and something that should take place. But, for Bruce, why not give him the chance to close out this season? While he hasn’t been absolutely accepted by the Toon Army, Bruce is widely considered a likable guy and he is a known lifelong fan of the club. Newcastle United also don’t have much to play for in the final stretch of the season, unlikely candidates for relegation and too far below European spots.

For the new manager to come in now, he would get a slight headstart on evaluating his team. But, there will likely be a completely new-look roster by next season. The right thing would be for the new ownership group to allow Bruce to finish this season, if it happens, and complete their due diligence on naming the new manager once the season concludes.