Joseph DaGrosa describes Mike Ashley as “business savvy”

Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley . (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)
Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley . (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images) /

Joseph DaGrosa confirmed his interest in purchasing Newcastle United and also confirmed that his camp have held discussions with Mike Ashley’s representatives.

According to a new report from SkySports, Joseph DaGrosa, the chairman and chief executive of GACP, confirmed his interest in purchasing Newcastle United. The American sports investor also went on to say that his camp have held positive discussions with Mike Ashley’s representatives, and even went on to say that the club’s current owner is friendly and business savvy.

Well, he has fired managers for no reason in the past, such as Chris Hughton, and his savvy business mind has sent Newcastle United down to the Championship twice in ten years. Okay, okay, I will give DaGrosa the benefit of the doubt and just assume he is working Ashley up to stay on his good side in order to complete this takeover.

GACP recently sold its entire share from Ligue 1 club Bordeaux and it is believed that this action was taken in order to have to more capital on hand to buy Newcastle United. DaGrosa wants his company to be heavily involved in football, which is what a club like Newcastle United needs from its next owner, but it sounds like the discussions between GACP and Mike Ashley are still in an early phase.

DaGrosa did say something in the interview that makes me question whether or not he is the right man to take over Newcastle United. Here is the quote:

"In terms of our other plans, we’ve maintained all along we want to be players in sports, particularly soccer, and we’re looking not only in Europe but in South America right now.[…]Negotiations are going on right now with a couple of clubs."

While it is great to see an ambitious investor like DaGrosa enter the world of football, the Toon Army should be skeptical of his overall agenda. My personal interpretation of the quote above is that DaGrosa wants to take ownership of any club as fast as he can.

Newcastle United is a special club and is often referred to as the sleeping giant of English football. The team itself is average at the moment, but the stadium, the fans and the surrounding community are fantastic. It is one thing for us to want Mike Ashley out of the club, but his successor needs to be fully focused on the club itself and not other potential football investments around the world.

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I will not write DaGrosa off just yet because in previews interviews he did acknowledge the potential of Newcastle United, but time will tell what happens. It will be interesting to see if DaGrosa can take these takeover negotiations to a level that previous investors failed to reach.