Champ Manager 01/02: Newcastle Revival (Pre-Season 01, Part 1)

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So then, the first game of the season is against Danish team FC København – who my scouts declare are a competent team. The set up is a simple 4-4-2  – this is 2001 after all.

With a blitz of a start, the home side take the lead, but Newcastle come back gloriously through two goals from Alan Shearer and one from Keiron Dyer. A 3-1 win in the first game is enough to warm the heart.

Pre Season 3
Pre Season 3 /

I should have tinkered. Dammit, I should have tinkered. Brondy are the second team to face us in pre-season, but this time the Magpies can’t come back from a goal down and slip to a 3-0 loss.

Nothing really goes our way as Andy Griffin has a nightmare on the right hand side, while Jermaine Jenas also plays terribly down the middle.

Pre Season 4
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