Sorensen should get a chance for Newcastle United before a free agent

With Newcastle United reportedly interested in free agents like Andy Carroll, Danny Welbeck, and others, the club should give that chance to Elias Sorensen.

Last week, Newcastle United officially announced record-signing striker Joelinton. He will surely occupy the first-choice position up top, but who will be his primary backup? Dwight Gayle is likely to be sold and Yoshinori Muto may be better served playing below the striker. The club has been linked with potential free transfers for guys like Danny Welbeck, Andy Carroll, and Daniel Sturridge, who appears set to sign in Turkey. In my opinion, the player that should get that opportunity first is already in the club’s system: Elias Sorensen.

While Welbeck and Carroll are seasoned veterans, 28 and 30 years old respectively, Sorensen is only 19 years old. He’s only proven at the reserve level to this point, but his performances there have been quite prolific. He didn’t see much time on loan at Blackpool and inexperience at any legitimate level of English soccer is his biggest drawback. But, would you rather spend this year playing an injury-prone veteran that’s best years are behind them or developing a potential future star?

It would be a different circumstance if Joelinton had not arrived and this debate was over who should be starting. That would be too much pressure, too early for Sorensen. In that case, I would say go with the veteran to keep the team afloat. But, this is simply a rotational role and the experience the Danish Geordie would gather could pay dividends for years to come.

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There doesn’t seem to be logic in paying high wages for a player that won’t likely reach their previous glory instead of utilizing one of the more promising prospects in the club’s system. Sorensen’s agent has indicated that they will decide his future once it’s clear if the first team will add another target forward. It seems to make the most sense, for now and the future, if he gets the chance to play this season with the senior squad.

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